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The Wilderness is a newly opened modern British restaurant and bar, focusing on native ingredients, hidden away less than a minute walk from Grand Central.

Spawn from their original pop-up project called “Nomad”, cooking up unusual dishes in the most unlikely locations across the city, The Wilderness has since rooted itself firmly to Dudley Street in the shadow of Birmingham’s New Street.

wildneress_antsUnlike traditional restaurants, The Wilderness offers plenty to entice the senses. From preserved moss on the walls, to a trough of plants that aren’t just foliage, but are edible too.

“I’m a bit bored of the city, too much time on delayed and sad, sad trains and l was longing for a bit of greenery.” – Alex Claridge, The Wilderness

Their menu is based on an authentic taste of the outdoors, working with local farms across the British Isles and their own personal allotment, serving dishes that give a “reflection of that moment in time, memory and place”.

With dishes like ants (yes the insect) on the menu, which are said to give a citrus like flavour, adventure and intrigue is served in equal measure.

You don’t need to dine either to experience the uniqueness of The Wilderness. If you’re also a coffee lover, you definitely need to visit, as they have a full-time research barista who works at achieving the best possible coffee.

IG/thewildernessb5Or, you can even try one of their more interesting cocktails. Want some ice with that rum, acorns and… crickets?

Whether you’re looking for that ‘wow’ factor, or looking for something different to try in the city, then this place is one of Birmingham’s greatest hidden treasures.

Don’t believe us? Let their TripAdvisor reviews do the talking.

Guide price: £15-£25 per head.
Open: Wednesday to Saturday.

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