The White Island: Ibiza Rocks

Ibiza Rocks

There are endless opportunities for holidays that revolve around nightlife, but when it comes to clubbing, Ibiza is considered holy ground…

But where did it all begin? How did this Balearic island become so entwined with club and music culture? What has made it one of the world’s most popular dancing destinations?

Hippy Old Days Ibiza

The island opened to international tourism in the late 1950’s but back then the club culture for which Ibiza is internationally known was confined to hippie gatherings on the beaches or fincas.

Throughout the 60’s, despite becoming a popular tourist destination, nightlife on the island tended to focus around a few favourite bars in the city of Eivissa.

In came the 1970’s and with it the dawn of the nightclub as we know it.

Water Party at Es Paradis in the 70s

The hippie ethos remained, but parties became commercialised. Four clubs, still in action today, maintained the freedom of the 60’s for the growing tourist industry on the White Island.

Pacha, Privilege (formerly Ku), Amnesia and Es Paradís began to distinguish Ibiza as a holiday destination like no other. Open-air parties that lasted all night and well into the morning with nudity and costumes aplenty were and remain the staple of the scene.

With the beginning of the 80’s, these clubs became so popular that the island developed an eponymous style of music: Balearic beat. As rave culture became prominent across Europe, Ibiza’s party landscape began to be dictated by DJs. And as the music got louder, the clubs got super – Privilege now has a capacity of 10,000 people making it the largest club in the world.

Privilege Ibiza

As clubs got larger, the nights got longer. The nightclub Space opened at the end of the 80’s, and then barely ever shut. Carving a niche for itself as an after party venue, Space would close at 6 am and reopen an hour later, drawing in hordes of revellers who had been turfed out of other clubs.

Gone were the island’s hippie roots, replaced by hardcore ravers dancing all night to house, acid and trance music.

Nowadays, Ibiza has re-established itself in the wake of its party reputation. The island remains at the very top of the clubbing hierarchy whilst now being a popular live music destination with the Ibiza Rocks hotel leading the way.

Ibiza Rocks Hotel

Despite the number of tourists who visit the island for the sole purpose of clubbing all night and sleeping all day, Ibiza has never lost what attracted people in the first place.

The White Isle is outstandingly beautiful – whether you watch the sun rise over the sea from outside a superclub, or watch it set from a tranquil beach, it is hard not to fall in love with Ibiza.


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