The EU – your holiday and you post Brexit


After a historical vote in favour of leaving the European Europe, we investigate what may change when travelling to and from Europe.

With political commentators predicting it will take 2 years to negotiate the UK’s exit, nothing is expected to change overnight.

Nonetheless, there are a number of things to take into consideration that may effect your future holiday plans.

travel_insuranceTravel Insurance

The EHIC card was created to allow all EU residents access to state-provided healthcare on temporary stays at a reduce cost or, in many cases, totally free of charge in over 31 EU countries.

This included routine maternity care and medical treatment for mother and baby, provision of oxygen and kidney dialysis.

This provision has never been an alternative to travel insurance, but by leaving, British travellers may see an increase in private healthcare premiums to cover the loss of free European healthcare services.

Tip: Book your travel insurance as early as possible and check the small print.

delayed_flightDelayed Flight Compensation

Delays, cancellations and overbooking. In all cases, the EU has protected passengers from footing the bill for the airline’s mistakes, or even if the company went bust.

It also made it illegal for your airlines to charge higher ticket prices because of your nationality, or where you bought your ticket from.

It’s likely that the UK Government will try impose the same regulations and protection. With the on-going worldwide airline price ware, the price of your ticket is unlikely to change.

Tip: Check that your preferred airline is ATOL protected.

customsBring Home Unlimited Goods

When returning home from a European country, you have been able to bring home a wide selection of goods tax free. The same is true the other way too.

This has been due to the fact that you’ve paid tax in the European country where you bought them from, financially contributing towards the wider European Union.

By leaving, it’s possible that the non-EU customs checks will come into wider effect. Limiting the amount of tax free goods, reducing the threshold before paying Excise Duty or VAT.

Tip: Your holiday maker will do their best to keep you informed, but it’s worth keeping a close eye on any visiting country’s customs laws.

visaFreedom To Travel

Thanks to the freedom of movement across Europe, you have been able to work and travel anywhere in Europe without the need for a work permit or visa.

This is the Schengen agreement.

With stronger immigration control being one of the biggest arguments for the successful Brexit vote, tightened border controls both to and from Europe are likely.

Tip: Negotiations will decide how heavy these restriction will be, and what visa requirements will come into force.

roaming_chargesCaps On Mobile Phone Charges

It’s been increasingly cheaper to use your phone in Europe, with roaming charges set to be abolished altogether in 2017.

By leaving Europe, the UK will technically be excluded from these rules.

This will mostly effect travellers from Europe to the UK, but as most large mobile operators reach far beyond Europe, it’s likely they will continue to scrap roaming charges.

Tip: Three has already negotiated with operators in 19 countries (both inside and outside of Europe) to allows their customers to continue to use their service for no additional cost.

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