New hack reveals how to fly Business for the cost of Economy


Never turned left on the plane? Now’s your chance.

Gilbert Ott, from God Save The Points, has discovered a clever new way to travel from Europe to the US or Asia in Business Class for less than £400 return.

Sound too good to be true? You’d be wrong! His latest find relates to a worldwide Hertz promotion and SAS, the leading Scandinavian Airline.

Here are the maths and how it works.

To fly Business from Europe to either the US or Asia with SAS, in either direction, costs 100,000 miles. To buy that many ‘EuroBonus’ points would cost you around £1,700 – one way.

But… here comes the cool bit. Hertz, the car rental, are offering 5,000 SAS miles for each one-day rental. We found a Kia Picanto for hire for one day in Birmingham for only £35.98.


Now before you head to Hertz and book a hire care for the next three weeks (well, 20 days to be precise) there is one small catch. To complete this brilliant travel offer, you’ll literally need to rent a car for a full day, return it, and do this 20 times over.

To quote Gilbert, “Do you have to be borderline insane to do it? Yes.”

But if you are that crazy, or have lots of very kind friends, here’s what you need to do.

  1. You need to sign up for the SAS EuroBonus frequent flyer program. It’s free and you don’t have to have flown with them before.
  2. Search nearby Hertz locations and look for days of the week or times when rental cars are cheapest. Be sure to read about the offer details first.
  3. In less than 20 short days you could be flying business class for less than £400 round trip.

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