BLOC Hotel’s free WiFi is now 20 times faster!

BLOC Hotel WiFi now 20 times faster!

BLOC Gatwick has upgraded its free WiFi to be over 20 times faster. We compare how our new Super-Fast Free guest WiFi stacks up, and the results are in…

Fresh air, good food and fast internet. Three things you never truly appreciate until you’re without them.

That’s why the European Union is trying to pass a resolution to make internet access a basic human right and consistently tops’s list of factors when deciding on the perfect hotel. However, what most hotels don’t tell you is ‘free’ often comes with limits.

We’ve all been there. You finally arrive at your dream hotel after a long day travelling and you want to check the online reviews of nearby restaurants before heading out for dinner. You find the ‘complimentary’ WiFi, connect and the following message pops up on your screen; “Your 30 minute free WiFi has started”.

In-between trying to find a stronger WiFi signal in your room and waiting for TripAdvisor’s homepage to load, you start to realise ‘free’ is codeword for ‘1990’s dial-up’ and before you know it, the time has run out.

Now you’re faced with two options; bribe everyone else in the hotel to disconnect from the WiFi and try again, or purchase a 24-hour pass to access their ‘Premium’ internet services.

BLOC Hotel WiFi SpeedYou can almost forgive smaller hotels in the middle of nowhere for charging guests for internet – after all, it’s probably costing them a fortune.
But you would be right to get angry at the likes of Hilton and Marriot Hotels, who in 2014 were caught red handed by the Federal Communications Commission for jamming guest’s personal WiFi hotspots in an attempt to force guests to switch o and pay-up – $750k dollars to be exact.

What’s wrong with offering guests genuinely free, super-fast WiFi?

Building on the success of BLOC Hotel Birmingham being crowned the fastest hotel WiFi in the city, we’ve also rolled out huge broadband and signal upgrades at BLOC Hotel Gatwick, making us one of the best hotel chains for free guest WiFi in the UK.

Independent research by Rotten WiFi and Hotel WiFi Test has found that BLOC Hotels’ free WiFi is so fast, that it’s over 7 times faster than the UK hotel average.

At BLOC speeds, you could be watching House of Cards on Netflix in Ultra HD, downloading an entire album from Spotify and uploading a 4K video to YouTube – all at the same time, with no buffering at all.

At BLOC Hotels we are constantly pushing the boundaries of hotel innovation and guest experience.” said Rob Morgan, Director of BLOC Hotels.

“We want guests to be able to personalise their BLOC Hotel experience, so if they want to hold a Skype video conference call or simply check-in on Facebook, we don’t want them to worry about buffering or hidden charges.”

No hidden costs. No speed or device limit. No nonsense.

BLOC Hotels London Gatwick

They say it’s better to travel than to arrive. We think both are important. With BLOC you won’t have far to travel at all. We’re waiting to welcome you just steps from Gatwick South Terminal departures. Any closer and we’d be on the runway.

Our brand new 245 room hotel offers ‘Sleep Haven Zones’, family rooms, a business floor and Presidential Suite. Park at the terminal through one of our exclusive deals; check your bags with your airline and take your overnight bag to the room; send an email with free WiFi; relax on your sumptuous king-sized bed, watching one of our HD LED TVs; freshen up in a monsoon-drench shower wet room and seamlessly check out to arrive at your gate in a great mood to enjoy your holiday or business trip. So much more for less.


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