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Baby Driver

Before you totally dismiss this as some sort of child-friendly ‘Fast and The Furious’, think again…

Not only does it feature Hollywood high-rollers Lilly James, Kevin Spacey, Jon Hamm (who’s role was written specifically for him) and Jamie Foxx, it comes from the same director of the cult classic Shaun of the Dead, Edgar Wright.

It’s in equal parts exhilarating and fantastically entertaining, with critic applauding Wright’s ability to bring to life what could have been just another laboured 180-minute chase scene.

“Baby Driver, Wright’s first-ever solo screenplay, is a thrilling and original cinematic joyride that pays homage to heist masterpieces while creating a legacy of its own.”


“Maintaining that same intensity over two hours, as opposed to four minutes, is as ambitious as the bank jobs Doc masterminds for his stooges, but Wright pulls it off with impressive aplomb.”

The Telegraph.

Coming to Electric Cinema Birmingham from Fri 30th June.

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