Argentine Wine

Argentine Wine

With the highest vineyards in the world and wines which match the breathtaking landscape, now is the time to discover Argentina…

There can be few greater success stories in the world of wine than Argentina. The industry has helped to drag the country out of recession since 2001, driven mainly by the success of one grape variety – Malbec.

Their wines have become hugely popular in the British market, reporting the biggest growth of any country in 2016, up 32%. Even twenty-five years ago the idea of Argentina being in the top 10 countries for export to the UK was almost laughable. Today it makes it easily.

The key to their success? Altitude.


Argentina has a baking South American climate with the vineyards firmly nestled inland throughout the peaks of the majestic Andes, away from the cooling ocean influence. Put simply; without the colder nights you find higher up these slopes, the grapes would become too stuffed full of sugar for any kind of finesse or quality. Beneath clear, cold, starlit skies the grapes have a chance to rest and retain a vibrant acidity.

“There’s something very special about the Argentine climate” says Joe Aylmer, Argentina buyer at Majestic “in the deep valleys and lower slopes, you’ll find well balanced, superb value reds and whites. But take a trek further up the hill and the results can be astounding.”


Malbec has charmed the winemakers here, with its big plummy flavours and ripe, fine tannins. It’s immediately approachable – even for those who confess not to like red wines! As an immigrant to South America, cast off from its native France where it wasn’t there truly deemed worthy for the fine wines of Bordeaux, it has found its true home – and the world is taking note.

But where to turn to next? The Malbec bubble may one day burst, and there’s plenty of interest in Argentina on what the next big thing could be. Looking back to Europe worked once, so plenty of winemakers are trying their hand at other rehabilitations. Grape varieties like Bonardo (from Italy), Touriga Nacional (Portugal) and Tannat (SW France) are finding time in the Argentine sun. As part of blends, or in their own right.

We spoke to the experts at Majestic Wine to pick out their favourite Argentine wines to really show off this stellar landscape.

DefinitionDefinition Malbec 2016 – ‘When we set out to create our Definition range, we wanted to encapsulate the quintessential qualities of the style. This Malbec is packed full of smoke, brambly fruit and is crying out for a BBQ!’

£9.99 Mix Six, £11.99 Single Bottle.

ZuccardiZuccardi Chardonnay 2014 – ‘Argentina isn’t just about the Reds. This wonderfully balanced has it all – rich and ripe with a vivacious freshness; showcasing the talents of Sebastian Zuccardi – Argentina Winemaker of the year 2016′

£9.99 Mix Six Price, £11.99 Single Bottle.

MendelMendel Selection Malbec 2015 – ‘Malbec hits the spot at all price points, but spending a little more can lead to something truly exceptional. From 80 yo vines in an exclusive blend, this shows exactly what both Argentina and Malbec are capable of. Stunning.’

£19.99 Mix Six, £22.99 Single Bottle.

VinalbaVinalba Malbec Bonarda 2016 – ‘A completely new arrival; a blend of Argentinian royalty with Italian flair. Think black cherry compote. Gorgeous.’

£7.99 Mix Six, £9.99 Single Bottle.

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