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Best Pizza in Birmingham

We’re not sure if this is some sort of dough-based conspiracy (lame pun definitely intended, and we’re rather happy with it…) or whether it’s just because no one loves pizza as much as us.

So, when it came to curating a list of Brum’s best pizza havens we had to search long and hard. Many pizzas were eaten, not a single slice was shared – it’s a tough job, but someone had to do it.

Finally, after eating what feels like every single pizza on the planet, we have our top picks of pizza joints in the city.

Without further ado, here’s our mouth-watering guide to Birmingham’s Best Pizza

Havens. Go forth, and eat pizza!


Bare BonesPizza fans, listen up. Bare Bones Pizza fires up their pizzas over wood – with crispy bases and delicious toppings being the name of the game.

Their mobile street van comes and goes in Birmingham, so when you see it, stop it at all costs and demand your pizza fix! Our choice: go simple with the margherita. The base is crunchy and it’s always a firm favourite.

Where to find them: Digbeth Dining Club (every Friday evening at Spot*light, Digbeth) and The Seasonal Markets (The Bond, Digbeth).



Baked In BrickLook at that pizza. Isn’t it a beauty? You can almost smell it, almost taste it. Why stop there though?

This pizza dream can be all yours, courtesy of street food connoisseurs Baked In Brick. Serving up Neapolitan-style pizzas, cooked in a wood fire oven that used to be a classic Mini (yep, they turned a car into a pizza oven…), Baked In Brick serve up a truly delicious array of doughy treats perfect for indulging your foodie fix. We highly recommend you seek them out and demand all of the pizza. All of it!

Where to find them: Digbeth Dining Club (every Friday evening at Spot*light, Digbeth) and The Seasonal Markets (The Bond, Digbeth).



dark horseFormerly a pop-up pizza restaurant, aptly named ‘Mo Dough’, The Dark Horse is well-known in Moseley for its barbecue cuisine and diverse craft beer selection. However, whilst their smokehouse offerings do tend to take centre stage, for us, The Dark Horse’s pizzas are what really capture our attention.

Thin and crispy bases, sprinkled with a range of great toppings (including the likes of scotch bonnet chillies, for the danger seekers amongst you!), these pizzas are just beautiful – and when you’re done stuffing your face with these doughy wonders, there’s ice cream. Yay for ice cream..



ploughharbourneBrum-famous pub, The Plough, is renowned for its wonderful beer garden and for brunch – we’re here to tell you that their pizzas are just as amazing, if not better.

When faced with towering burgers and epic brunch menus, choosing a pizza is often at the back of your mind – many would consider it ‘the safe option’. Well it isn’t, ok! Pizza is awesome, and you are too.

The Plough’s pizza menu is, quite frankly put, bloody huge and rammed with intriguing and mouth-watering options. Asparagus, pear, chorizo, candied bacon, roasted almond flakes, fig – these pizzas are a work of art.

Your mission: to eat you way through the entire menu, one tasty pizza at a time. Challenge accepted!



spectacular goatWith a pizza so hot that it can literally (not literally) melt your face off is Spectacular Goat. Served from a van, their pizzas are just as spectacular as their name (because everybody loves goats, they’re so fun) and when it comes to the diverse world of street food, pizza is a most excellent choice. Topped with anything from English ham and pepperoni, to the more adventurous mac ’n’ cheese with bacon, pulled beef, caramelised onions, goat’s cheese and more, tantalise your taste buds and then go back for seconds.

Where to find them: Digbeth Dining Club (every Friday evening at Spot*light, Digbeth) and The Seasonal Markets (The Bond, Digbeth).


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